Have you heard about the benefits of beet root powder for bodybuilding? Whether you are an actual bodybuilder, or someone who is trying to build your body up as healthy and fit as you want it to be, beet root powder is definitely something you should check out!

Beet root powder comes from the plant beta vulgaris. In its natural form, it is a sweet vegetable that is chocked full of very potent vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Specifically, beet root powder is super rich in fiber. calcium, iron, potassium, folate, manganese and other important nutrients. Among other benefits, beet root powder has been shown to help reduce the effects of hypertension, dementia, diabetes and inflammation.

But what about beet root powder for bodybuilding? Well, beets just happen to be a fantastic natural source of nitrates. The human body turns nitrates into Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is responsible for increased oxygen uptake in your muscles. The more oxygen your muscles receive throughout a workout, the more nutrients are shuttled into your tissues. The more nutrients your muscle tissues are able to uptake, the more your muscles will grow!

Increased levels of nitric oxide along with antioxidant/nutrient benefits make beet root powder for bodybuilding a naturally effective, healthier pre-workout option than many chemical-based concoctions. What are the specific advantages of beet root powder for bodybuilding? Let’s take a look!

Organic Beet Root Powder Benefits

Organic beet root powder benefits cannot be overstated. Before we get into the research though, let’s talk about organic vs. non-organic beet root powder. Beets come from soil. The ground soil of non-organic farms contain chemical pesticides and other agents that can potentially cause cancer and other serious health ailments.

In 2018, the National Institute of Health (NIH) published the results of an extensive study indicating that an organic diet correlates with deceased cancer occurrence/recurrence. Therefore, we do not suggest consuming beet root containing genetically modified organisms and/or that is not organic. Now, let’s discuss organic beet root powder benefits. According to the ever-growing body of NIH research: 

  • Beet Root increases skeletal muscle blood flow. This NIH study found an increase in skeletal muscle blood flow based on beet juice ingestion. As we mentioned above, the more blood flow your muscles receive, the more nutrients they can uptake and thus, the more muscle growth can occur.
  • Beet root increases cardiovascular endurance. This NIH study found an increase in cardiorespiratory endurance based on beet juice ingestion. As this study confirmed, increased Nitric Oxide production means increased gas flow, muscle contraction and overall body endurance during high volume workouts.
  • Beet root is a true Superfood. This NIH study found that beet juice ingestion can help with hypertension, inflammation, immunity and reducing oxidative stress that can lead to free radical (i.e. potentially cancer causing) cells. This aids recovery and body function, both of which correlate directly to optimal human performance.

As we discussed in depth in our review on the best natural pre workout supplements, consuming vasodilators that produce Nitric Oxide before a workout not only increases nutrient uptake, but also facilitates the muscle pump effect. This makes beetroot for bodybuilding a natural choice for anyone who wants to increase quality lean muscle mass without putting their body at in increased risk of health issues. It is important to keep in mind that the NIH studies we reference were performed with beet juice. As we are about to discuss, beet root powder is much more potent than beet juice, which makes organic beet root powder benefits significantly more powerful!

Organic Beet Crystals vs. Beet Root Powder

There are re two types of solid beet root supplements on the market today: Organic Beet Crystals and Organic Beet Root Powder. The higher concentration of beets in crystal or powdered forms provides much greater mental focus and much more significant muscle pump effects than drinking beet juice. Because of this, we recommend organic beet crystals or organic beet root powder for bodybuilding, strength training and other athletic purposes.  

Although both organic beet crystals and organic beet root powder are made from organic beets, they are not processed in the same way. Let’s discuss what makes organic beet crystals different than organic beet root powder. Basically:

  • Organic Beet Crystals are pressed within several hours after freshly harvesting beets from soil. An extraction process takes out the juice and then that juice is crystalized. The extraction/crystallization process makes organic beet crystals more concentrated and powerful than beet juice.
  • Organic Beet Root Powder is made by dehydrating or lightly baking freshly harvested beets from soil. Once the beet is dried (or cooked), it is pulverized into powdered form. In its powdered form, organic beet root powder contains a mass amount of concentrated beet root tissue, which makes it more powerful than beet juice.

Some companies tout organic beet root crystals as the most concentrated form of the supplement available, but the verdict is currently out as to whether or not this is true. A serving size of organic beet root powder or beet crystals is generally one tablespoon, and in purest form both provide approximately 3-4 beets’ worth of nutrient value. In general, organic beet root crystals tend to taste a bit sweeter than unsweetened organic beet root powder, and also leave your mouth significantly more reddish/purplish in color after consumption.

Beet Root Powder Side Effects

Crimson tongue and lips are not the only beet root powder side effects to be aware of. Some people process beet root powder and crystals just fine. Other people experience beet root powder side effects of varying severities. Potential beet root powder side effects include:

  • Beeturia. or a pinkish tint to urine. Beeturia can simply be the result of your body excreting extra natural beet pigment. However, beeturia can also indicate an iron deficiency.
  • Kidney stone, arthritis and gout. Beets are high in oxalate, which in some people with preexisting conditions causes the buildup of uric acid leading to join pain, swelling and/or calcium buildup. 
  • Reddish colored stools. Beet root powder contains a chemical called betacyanin. It can survive digestive system breakdown. If you experience a reddish colored bowel movement, you can also cut out beet root temporarily to see if your stool returns to normal. 
  • Rashes, upset stomach and other allergic reactions. Although uncommon, some people have an allergy to beets. If you develop any potential allergic side effects like rashes, upset stomach, discontinue supplementation.
  • Sudden drops in blood pressure levels. As we mentioned above, beet root powder causes vasodilation, which opens blood vessels. If you have any adverse blood pressure effects like dizziness or disorientation, discontinue supplementation and seek medical help immediately.
  • Sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. Beets are high in natural sugars. This is not a concern in healthy individuals when taken before exercise. But if you have pre-existing blood sugar issues, speak with your doctor before beginning supplementation.
  • Potential liver and pancreas harm. Beets are naturally high in iron, magnesium, phosphorous and copper. Although healthful in certain levels, these metals can accumulate and cause organ damage over time. 

Of course, if you are pregnant or nursing, you will also want to consult your healthcare provider about any potential beet root powder side effects that could harm you and/or your child. In general and with any  supplement you decide to take, we recommend consulting a healthcare professional if you have medical questions, concerns or experience any beet root powder side effects…. because it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Now that we have gotten all of the technical information out of the way, let’s dive headfirst into our beet root powder reviews!

Beet Root Powder Reviews

There are various beet root powder supplements on the market today. Unlike protein powder, most beet root product are not similar enough to one another to warrant a head-to-head comparison. I began taking beet root powder supplements in early 2018. Since then, I have personally tried dozens of brands and blends. The five products that comprise our beet root powder reviews are unique from one another in several ways, but are all equally effective in how well they work. Let’s take a look at each product so you can decide which one(s) to try based on your unique tastes and goals!

Best Unflavored Powder Blend: Nature’s Truth Ultra Beet Root

Nature’s Truth Ultra Beet Root Blend is my everyday go-to! I love this product because it has a naturally sweet, very smooth taste courtesy of apple fruit powder and a hint of natural stevia sweetener. The sweetener blend takes away the often dullish, even dirty aftertaste beet root powder can be known for. It also provides an outstanding muscle pump effect, stamina and mental focus via its infusion of vitamins B-12, C and Magnesium. Add the most important component to the mix, 4.2 grams of organic beet root powder, and you have a concoction that tastes fantastic and supercharges your workout! The only gripe I have with this product is that I do not get the 35 servings per container the label says I should, even when I use the included scooper. However, I would gladly pay double the price for the quality, taste and most importantly, the potency of this Nature’s Truth product!

Best Flavored Powder Blend: NuTherapy Power Beets

If you are not crazy about the flavor of natural beet root powder (even sweetened), but still want to experience the effects, NuTherapy’s Power Beets blend is the perfect choice for you! The natural acai berry – pomegranate flavor profile really balances out the earthy beet root taste nicely. An infusion of Vitamin C and Magnesium provides the extra focus and stamina blend similar to the Nature’s Truth product. The main difference between this and the Nature’s Truth blend is that NuTherapy is non-GMO but not organic. However, it is a much more cost effective option than the Nature’s Truth brand, which makes it a better value depending on budget. Overall, NuTherapy Power Beets is a very solid product and, when combined with the vitamins and minerals, its 4.3 grams of beet root powder provide great focus, stamina and a nice muscle pump effect to power you through your workouts!

Best Flavored Crystals: HumanN Beet Elite Black Cherry

If you want to experience the benefits of beet root crystals but are not crazy about the taste of beets, then HumanN Black Cherry Flavored Beet Elite crystals are perfect for you! This product is not a powder, but a crystal, so it has the super concentrated effect we mentioned when discussing crystals versus powder. The natural black cherry offsets the beet flavor just enough to provide your taste buds with something to savor. HumanN provides approximately 6 beets’ worth of nutrients in each serving, which definitely helps increase Nitric Oxide levels during your intense exercise sessions. The only thing I would change if I could is the fact that these crystals are not organic, just non-GMO. Overall though, this is a very solid product and a great way to get beet crystals into your diet with a slightly different flavor profile than straight crystals alone!

Best Unflavored Crystals: Flora Red Beet Soluble Crystals

Personally, I prefer the Flora brand red beet crystals to the HumanN and all other beet crystals I have tried. Unlike the HumaN product, these crystals are fully organic. This is the simplest product of them all because it contains only organic beet root crystals and a hint of citric acid. Despite having no added sweeteners, it is very flavorful and naturally sweet. In fact, I actually prefer to take this product dry, and then wash it down with water. This is a very potent product, and each jar has the equivalent of 5.5 lbs of beets! For disclosure’s sake, this is the only product I review that makes me experience beeturia-type effects. This does not occur all the time, but intermittently when I consume it on an empty stomach (and have not yet eaten that day). But it is more than worth pinkish pee (once in a while) for the mental focus and muscle pump power these crystals provide. If you are set on beet root crystals, I highly recommend the Flora red beet crystals, and I am confident you will not be disappointed!

Best Natural Base: NatureVibe Organic Beet Root Powder

If you are just looking for straight beet root powder and nothing else, NatureVibe organic beet root powder is the perfect choice! Plain beet root powder is a great way to add the power of beets to meal recipes, smoothies and snacks. Specifically, if you are looking to add beet root powder to food recipes, there is no need to purchase the more expensive powders and crystals we review here. instead, opt for NatureVibe organic, non-GMO beet root powder and get a great quality product at an excellent price. If you are a beet root purist looking for a good tasting straight drink, this is also a great choice. Even though this is pure beet root powder with no sweeteners or blended additives, it does not taste “dirty” like some pure beet root powders tend to. It mixes smoothly and has a pleasant, natural flavor. NatureVibe is as pure as beet root gets, and it does not disappoint for quality and taste!

Here is one more helpful hint for anyone who wants to turbocharge the power of beet root powder or beet crystals: Add beet root powder or crystals to another powerful pre workout product!

I take beet root powder before every workout. However, I enjoy the intense combination of natural Nitric Oxide production beet root provides, with extra vasodilators. So, for me, I prefer mixing my beet root powder blend with a product like Primitive Pump from Muscle Feast. You can learn more about Primitive Pump and the other natural pre workout supplements we recommend by reading our natural pre workout supplements review.

Whether you choose to combine supplements or go straight beet, these beet root products will help you reach your goals and do so with much less risk than using synthetic chemicals or additives. We welcome you to send us a message and let us know what product you tried, as well as what you thought of it. If you have any non-medical questions about the power of beet root powder for bodybuilding, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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